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Personalized development

Users can connect one-on-one in real-time to find faster solutions to unique problems.
Explore categories that you've always wanted to learn about, or help users learn about a category by guiding them through it. Got an idea? Connect with others and work together to see it to completion.

How it works

Create your profile

Create a free account. Add your information, categories that you are interested in and categories that you could teach.


Search and explore a topic you want to learn then find a Guide who can help you learn it.


Help Explorers with their education journey by answering their questions and encouraging their growth.


Upload a project you need help with or find something that you want to help build.

Book a session

Explorers submit a booking request to a Guide with the date, time and duration they would like. The value of the session depends on the duration of the session. User’s availability and session status are updated in their personal calendar.

Real-time video chat

The real-time video chat creates a unique one-on-one experience. that is tailored for the Explorer, improving the quality of learning and the overall learning experience.

Session payment

The value of the session depends on the duration of the session and is paid for using Guide Coins. 10coin = 1 minute of session time. Earn coins helping as a Guide and spend coins learning as an Explorer.

Pay and rate your experience

Both users can rate each other based on their experience. Had a great time? Give a compliment or add a tip.

About us

Our story started with hungry students ranting about school over a ramen dinner. We wanted to improve our knowledge and skills and we were tired of wasting time sifting through ad-filled sites and videos and could not afford alternatives. We needed something that provided fast, quality solutions while remaining within our student budget - free.

1oh1 was born with these ideas in mind. The platform is designed to fast-track development for curious minds (we call them "Explorers") by helping them connect with subject matter experts called "Guides" so that Explorers can find solutions to their specific questions. Sessions take place over video chat so users can work whenever, wherever, in real-time, to maximize the session quality and overall user experience.

Use it for free by earning the in-house currency Guide-coins (or G's, as we like to call them) by Guiding sessions. Spend your G's on Exploring new categories. The more you learn, the more you earn, the more you can grow.